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How it works: You can embed the chatroom onto a website or share the link through email and social media. You can also invite members from your admin page.

Our professional chat software solution allows you to create a business-class chatroom starting at just $9.95/mo. with plenty of free add-ons, all from a reliable provider.

1-on-1 Chat

1-on-1 Chat allows access to the chatroom on a per-member basis. You can allow just one or several members to access the chat. This chat software is often used by therapists and counselors or anyone wanting one-on-one private interaction in a professional setting, with secure server (SSL) encryption available.

Members Chat

Members Chat lets your visitors register their own username and password, and create a profile. You can also set it so only you (the admin) can register new members. Add or delete “members” anytime. Perfect for getting your group or business together online, this is our best selling chat software.

MultiMedia Chat

MultiMedia Chat allows your members to share movies, music and other content without ever leaving the chatroom. Easily add audio and video clips, link to other websites and upload graphics, charts, and pictures — directly into the private chatroom. This chatroom also includes all Members Chat features.

(actual chatroom is larger)

Moderated Chat

Moderated Chat allows you to host a “Guest Speaker” who can answer questions from an online audience. Audience messages are screened and approved by the moderator before others can see them.

Works with both PC and Macs, no downloads required.
Also works with iPhone, Android and Blackberry
via the built-in browser for mobile chat access!

Good Reasons for Chat Software from OLI

Universal Access
Most want a chat service
to make communication easier, not more difficult with extra software and compatibility issues. Our chat software is ready-to-use with no downloads or tech work required.
Mobile Phone
OLI’s chat software
not only works with laptop and desktop computers but also with iPhone, Android and Blackberry.
Strong Security
Add features
like password protection, SSL Chat with Secure Server, the ability to ban users, filter profanity, and other Add-ons.
User friendly, Universal
All Web browsers can access
our chat software, including Firefox, Explorer, Safari, iPhone, Blackberry, Google Chrome etc. There’s no extra software to download!
Go with an industry leader
Don’t risk your online endeavor
with services that put your chat service on overloaded servers or fill it with ads. Then there can be the privacy concerns… Since 1996 Online Institute has been hosting chat software. Choose OLI and rest easy!
Moderated Chat
Moderate a chat session
with a guest speaker and an online audience with our special Moderator Chat style
More than just Live Chat
With our chat software
a family or business can leave messages, pictures, birthday announcements, etc., for guests to view come in and view at their own convenience.
Archive Chat Sessions
Whether you’re a company
providing online support or an author connecting with readers, you can save every chat session into a word document by cutting and pasting the saved chat session!
Link to a Web Site
Increase interest and usage
on your Web site, host topics, provide online training or support. You can give your Private Chat Room URL (address) to anyone and advertise it anywhere.
Unlimited Access
When you Own a Chat Room
people that can visit and chat free, 24 hours a day. You can also turn off the chatroom anytime.
Our chat program
understands HTML, the language of the Web, so you can post pictures, links, movies and music.
Flexible Chat Software
Embed the chatroom into your website
by pasting the chat software code into a page on your website. Or use the chat room address as your website.
Fast, Reliable Service
We install your chat room
on a high-speed Web server, then email you the unique address, so no work is required on your part (or server space). Your chatroom is ready in 1 business day.

To see all that’s possible with OLI’s chat software hosting,
visit our Chat Add-ons page.

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