Professional Chatroom Service


Private Chat Made Easy

How it works: You can embed the chatroom onto a website or share the link through email and social media. You can also invite members from your admin page.

Our professional chat software solution allows you to create a business-class chatroom starting at just $9.95/mo. with plenty of free add-ons, all from a reliable provider.

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1-on-1 Chat

1-on-1 Chat allows you to control who can access the chatroom so you can have a private chat with one client or a small group, often used by therapists and counselors, with secure server (SSL) encryption.

$19.95 $14.95/mo

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Members Chat

Our most popular chat room lets your chat participants create their own login and profile. Or you can set it so only you can add new members. Perfect for getting your group or business together online.

$14.95 $9.95/mo

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Audience Chat

Audience Chat allows you to post real-time messages to an online audience of up to 500 viewers. This chat is great for big announcements or to post messages to an audience that can view messages but not post.

$149 $99/mo

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Works For All

Our Private Chat solutions work for all “out of the box,” meaning no need to download and install anything. Our chats work on all Web browsers and mobile devices, including iPhone and Android.

Member Controls

You can allow visitors to register their own username and password and create a profile, or you can also set it so only you (the admin) can register new members. Add or delete chatroom members anytime.

Archive Messages

It’s easy to save all your chat sessions for later viewing. You can simply copy and paste the entire chat session into a Word or text file, or save the session as an HTML file. You can also print chat sessions.

Alert Bell

You can turn-on a bell to chime when there’s a new message. Great for stock-trading chatrooms or monitoring your room while working on other things. Bell can be turned on or off individually.

Picture Posting

Members can upload pictures to the chatroom. You can also post videos from Youtube, sound files and downloadable media directly into the chat room.

Ecommerce Ready

It simple to setup a subscription-based chat room with Private Chat. You can charge a fee for access using a PayPal button for access to the live chat sessions.