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How it works:

Select your Private Chat options in the order form, then we setup your room and email you the chatroom link with your Admin login. It’s easy to embed the chat room into a website, or to use the chatroom as a stand-alone site.

Create Your Chat Room

Built-in Chat Features
Works For All

Unlike other chat services, Private Chat doesn’t require any special software or downloads. Best of all, it works with all Web browsers and mobile devices, including iPhone and Android.

Member Controls

You can allow visitors to register their own username and password and create a profile, or you can also set it so only you (the admin) can register new members. Add or delete chatroom members anytime.

Archive Messages

It’s easy to save all your chat sessions for later viewing. You can simply copy and paste the entire chat session into a Word or text file, or save the session as an HTML file. Printing each chat session is another option.

Alert Bell

You can turn-on a bell to chime when there’s a new message. Great for stock-trading chatrooms or monitoring your room while working on other things. Bell can be turned on or off individually.

Picture Posting

Members can upload pictures to the chatroom. You can also post videos from Youtube, sound files and downloadable media directly into the chat room.

Ecommerce Ready

It simple to setup a subscription-based chat room with Private Chat. You can charge a fee for access using a PayPal button for access to the live chat sessions.

Optional Add-ons
1-On-1 Chat

This add-on is for therapists, counselors and professionals conducting secure one-on-one chat sessions. You can allow access to the chatroom one member at a time, and archive and clear the messages after each session. Secure server (SSL) encryption also available.

Anonymous Chat

This add-on lets people chat without needing to register or create a profile, ideal from gaining feedback that may otherwise be unattainable in a traditional meeting. Users simply go to the chatroom address (URL), type an anonymous username and login to the chat.

Moderated Chat

A moderator can screen and approve messages before they appear to others. Host a Guest Speaker to answer questions, or host a large group chat while maintaining control over the content. No longer an add-on, it’s now available as a stand-alone chat. Learn More

Free Demo and Money-back Guarantee
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Give Private Chat a whirl to see how easy it is to get your group chatting. Then order risk-free with a 30-day money back guarantee.

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Choose your add-ons in the secure order form and we’ll customize your chatroom and we can even match the look of your website.

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Our chat software is very flexible. Feel free to ask us what can be done to accomplish your goals. We work individually with each client.