Chat Room Tips & Tricks

OLI’s Chat Software allow you to post pictures, link to websites, archive messages and pretty much anything else you can do on a web page. To create your own chat, click here.


Chat Room Tips and Tricks:

OLI’s chat rooms understand HTML (the language of the Web) which means you can post pictures, links, stream movies and music as well as enhance text. Here’s some examples:

  • Post a picture:
    <img src=”http://address.of.picture”>
    The address is also known as the URL.

  • Link to another Web page:
    <a href=””> The Link </a>
    Fill in the Web site address (URL) where it says “”
  • To make your chat words bold:
    <b> Bold Word </b>
  • To make your chat words big:
    <font size=+1> Big Word </font>
    Note: Change the number "1" to a larger number to make the word bigger. 
  • To change the color of your chat words:
    <font color=red> Red word </font>
    (You can choose any color, such as green, blue, white, etc…)
  • To post a movie or play sound:
    Sound and movie files come in many different software formats, each requiring different code for insertion into a Web page. Consult the software maker for the appropriate code.

    Internet Explorer users: to turn off the clicking sound you hear when surfing the Web and chatting, read this info.

  • Visit our for a complete list of all HTML tags.


    For Tips on basic use, view the Help Guide.

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