Dedicated Secure FTP Server

dedicated ftp server

  • Up to 1000 GB (1 Terrabyte) disk space
  • Automated Backups to a separate drive
  • Secure, climate-controlled Datacenter
  • MySQL, cPanel, Web Hosting and Email
  • A powerful enterprise solution
  • How It Works: Your dedicated server is ready with with cPanel, SSH, MySQL and everything Linux has to offer. All software is updated automatically and includes 24/7/365 monitoring and expert OLI Support.

    Secure FTP Server from OLI

    The Security of Dedicated
    A dedicated FTP server
    give you and your clients’ exclusive usage of an entire server, not a shared-server that has other clients using the same services. It’s a solution that’s fully managed so you can focus on your clients’ needs, not server updates. .
    Up to 1000 Gigabytes Storage (1 TB)
    File sizes keep growing
    as technology advances. OLI’s server plans offer up to a full Terrabyte of disk storage.
    cPanel pre-installed
    Administration is easy
    with cPanel which includes database support through PHPmyadmin, unlimited FTP Account creation and Email Addresses, your own website space and dozens of free applications that can be installed with a few clicks from cPanel.
    The Power of Linux
    Linux is the most popular server
    operating system out there, and it is also the most beloved due to its speed, reliability and scalability. The unix-based OS is the preferred choice for developers going back to the early days of the Internet. Linux is now also the world’s fastest growing desktop OS.
    Production and Developmental Environments
    Your server is not only be a full production work-horse
    , it’s also loaded with software developers rely on including the industry-standard Apache Web Server, SSH, MySQL and secure password-protected folders for web-based projects.
    Trusted Experts
    For well over a decade,
    OLI has hosted loyal clients on fast and reliable servers. With Online Institute you get the curteous, experienced support you need for any questions along the way.
    Pro-Active Server Monitoring
    Your FTP server is monitored 365/24/7
    by the monitoring team at the data center. Automated checks are made on the server every five minutes and if any issue is detected, these smart servers actually try to repair themselves, and the monitoring team ensures any server issues have been fixed.
    Fully Secure with SSL
    We install an SSL certificate
    on your FTP server which allows encryption of data in transit.
    Free Domain Registration
    We give you a free domain
    for your FTP server, or you can transfer an existing domain to our service. We work with you to see what needs to be transferred.
    Web-Based FTP Access
    One of our clients’ favorite features
    is the secure Web-FTP interface. It’s allows anyone with a web browser to simply enter their username and password and login to their FTP folder. Learn more about Web-FTP.
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    An expert OLI Consultant
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