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We install professional chat rooms that make it easy for you and your clients to access the room securely without needing to download and learn extra software.

  • Easy to add and remove Members
  • Archive chat sessions to share later
  • Instant access saves time for yourself and clients
  • Secure Server encryption for peace of mind
  • Works with iPhone, Android, iPad, Web and more

Chat Room Features

Picture Posting – Members can post pictures from their computer or online (free)

Linking – Members can post links (URLs) to other websites (free)

Profanity Filter – Automatically remove obvious profanity from chat messages. (free)

Colors – Chat in your favorite color. (free)

Private Messages – Enable members to send private messages to each other within the chat room. (free)

Visitor Counter – Add a counter to the bottom of your chatroom entrance that displays how many people have accessed your room. (free)

Avatars (profile pictures) – Members can select their own picture to appear next to their name in the chatroom. (free)

Emoticons (or Smileys) – Members can click built-in smileys (or emoticons) to include with their chat messages. (free)

Open-Closed Banner tells people if the chatroom is available or not. You can set it to “Open” when the room is available, or “Closed” if you are already in a private chat session or the room is closed. The banner can be placed on your chat entrance or a website. (optional)

Message Bell: A soothing bell is played when people post new messages, as well as when they enter and leave. Great for monitoring your chat room while working on other things. Each member can turn the alert bell on or off individually. (optional)

Time Stamp – the time is displayed next to each message posted, great for stock trading and auction chat rooms, or just tracking the time of each posted chat message. (optional)

SSL Chat – We host your chatroom on a Secure Server Layer (SSL) which encrypts your chat sessions in transit using state-of-the-art 128 bit encryption. (optional)

Chat Moderator: This makes it so only the Moderator of the chatroom can post messages while everyone else can only view them. Users can submit messages to the Moderator, who then can post select messages. You can also have multiple Moderators with posting ability. (included with Moderated-Chat)

Message-Delete – Delete all your chatroom messages instantly with the click of a button. (free)

On / Off Switch – Turn your chatroom On or Off at anytime, enabling you to control when people can access your room. (free)

Message-Banner – Add your own banners or messages and both at your chat entrance and inside the chat room. You can change or add to your banner or message anytime instantly using an easy-to-use Web form. (free)

User-Block – Block unwanted users from your chat room instantly using an easy web-based form. (free)

IP Display – IP Server Number of members is recorded in their profile, viewable only by admins (like you) (free)

You can add another Hosting Service to your Chatroom:

Add a Forum to your Chatroom. Create message boards with various topics for your members, includes calendar and group-email capabilities, works seamlessly with the chatroom. (optional)

Add a Website. Create a home-base for your chat community with a full-featured website and free website builder (WordPress). (optional)

Add a Blog to your Chatroom. A full-featured blog is a good way to keep your chatroom members up-to-date on the latest happenings. Post pictures, let members to comment on posts, create a “home base” for your community. (optional)

1-On-1 Chat

This is for therapists, counselors and professionals conducting secure one-on-one chat sessions. You can allow access to the chatroom one member at a time, and archive and clear the messages after each session. Secure server (SSL) encryption also available.

Professional Chat

Create a private and secure meeting place to conduct business with colleagues, clients and contacts. People can register and create a profile, ideal for out-sourcing your chat needs without needing your own server and software. This is our top-selling chat software.

Moderated Chat

A moderator can screen and approve messages before they appear to others. Host a Guest Speaker to answer questions, or host a large group chat while maintaining control over the content. No longer an add-on, it’s now available as a stand-alone chat.