Domain expiration

Domain Registration is separate from OLI Hosting

  • Registration controls ownership of the domain name (, and keeps it active by pointing it to your Hosting provider
  • Hosting provides services like email and websites for active domains
  • Both must stay active for online services to function
    First Know your Registrar (Domain Registration Provider)
    You can find out your Registrar Here. Type your domain name (without the www). Look for the Referral URL – this is your Registrar’s website. Now follow the step below to find your Domain Expiration. IMPORTANT: The Internic form results list an expiration date, but this is usually wrong. You must always get your true expiration date from your Registrar’s website as described below.

  • Check your Domain Expiration:
    Go to your Registrar’s website (this is where your domain is registered, if unsure see above). Click the link that says “Whois” and type in your domain name, then look for “Expiration Date.” If there is no “Whois” link, contact your Registrar’s Support. Always renew well before the expiration to be safe. 
  • Check your email address
    Also make sure your Registrar has a current email address on file so you receive the notices when your domain is about to expire. This is critical.
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