Access ftp files with your browser

Here are 3 ways to access FTP from a browser:

Option 1: Simple but Not Secure


In your browser location bar you would type, for example:


Drag-and-drop files to upload and download them


It’s not secure (password sent clear-text), and only works with some versions of IE


Option 2: More Complex but Secure


The Firefox Browser has an Add-on called FireFTP


It has the ability to connect securely via FTPS.


For Firefox only. As complex as FTP software. Last we checked it had a 2 GB limit on file size transfers.


Option 3: Both Simple and Secure
For universal browser support Web-FTP on a secure domain wins hands down.


Users login securely from any web browser, no file size limits


None worth mentioning, unless you need advanced FTP functions like chmod.

Learn More about Web-FTP

Web-FTP is built-in with our FTP Hosting and Web Hosting.



Want Secure Browser Access to Any FTP Folder?


Server Admins can instal OLI’s Free and Open Source Secure Web-FTP Application which allows you to access any FTP server securely when used with SSL.

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