How to Use the SpamAssassin Spam Filter

To activate the SpamAssassin spam filter for your addresses:


  • Login to in the cPanel
  • Under “Mail” click the Spam Assassin link
  • Click “Enable Spam Assassin”
  • You can adjust the level of filtration (the lower the number the more aggressive it is, default is 5 and what most seem to use). You can also use the option of forwarding the received spam messages to what’s called a Spam Box.If you do use a Spam Box, be sure to check at times that it isn’t filling up to the point where it’s using too much of your disk space quota, which you can monitor in cPanel. See below for more:
    The Spam Box folder is called “spam” (or “.spam” with a dot) and is only created for an address when suspected spam is received by SpamAssassin.

    Here’s 2 ways to check the spam folder:

    Email Software: You can check and clear the spam folder through your email software. Login using the username (for example): with your email account password and all other settings the same as your main OLI email account.

    Webmail: Log into “SquirrelMail” within the Webmail System BUT BE SURE to use this link and DO NOT login to webmail from cPanel as that will not access your proper account. See if the Spam folder appears on the left, if so, click it to check the messages. If the spam folder is not there or it is empty, click the “Folders” link at the top, below on that screen you should see the spam folder appear in box under the “Unsubscribe/Subscribe’ section. Click on the spam folder and which should appear on the right and click “Subscribe.” Then you should see it appear in the folders list on the left where you can click it to check messages.

    It’s important to clear the Spam folder so your account quota is not used up. You can delete all mail in the Spam folder either through your email software or web mail that can access the spam folder, or to clear all the suspected spam for the entire domain that is in the Spam Box, log into cPanel and Click on “SpamAssassin” in the Mail section, then click the button that says “Clear Spam Box.”

    The whitelist and blacklist in the “Configure SpamAssassin” section allow you to either allow or deny all email from specific domains.

    The official docs from cPanel for SpamAssassin are here.


    Another innovative way to filter spam is to use cPanel’s
    Account level filtering and User level filtering

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