We began as a chat company way back in 1996, connecting the early adopters of the Web. Our customers enjoyed our approach, so they asked us to add website hosting, email and other services with the same ease-of-use and reliability. Our chat software continues to lead the pack in affordable chat services. Learn More

Websites and blogs aren’t just pass-times anymore, they are the bread and butter of many of our customers. OLI makes sure you have the infrastructure in place to take your WordPress site to the Big Time. This is WordPress optimized for business and commercial success. Learn More

Our file sharing service was developed for customers who needed to move large files securely. We took something technical called File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and and made it elegant and simple, while retaining all its original power. Our FTP Hosting services allows you to exchange large files securely using just a Web browser. And for die-hard geeks, FTP access is included. Learn More

We got together and evaluated all of the forum platforms out there, and chose the one best for both online community development and social media. Then we created a service where we install the software so you can login and build your new community. Learn More

Stop changing your address every time you move and navigating through annoying ads. Start giving clients an address that has your business domain (email: you@your-business). We can make your business email rock. Learn More
  • The Blogger
  • $10


  •   Protected Storage
  •   Yes
  •   SSL Certificate
  •   cPanel
  •   Fast, Reliable, Secure
  •   Email @your-domain
  •   Order Annual
  • The Webmaster
  • $20


  •   Protected Storage
  •   Yes
  •   SSL Certificate
  •   cPanel
  •   Fast, Reliable, Secure
  •   Email @your-domain
  •   Order Annual
  • The Entrepreneur
  • $30


  •   Protected Storage
  •   Yes
  •   SSL Certificate
  •   cPanel
  •   Fast, Reliable, Secure
  •   Email @your-domain
  •   Order Annual
  • The Executive
  • $40


  •   Protected Storage
  •   Yes
  •   SSL Certificate
  •   cPanel
  •   Fast, Reliable, Secure
  •   Email @your-domain
  •   Order Annual
OLI: The Evolution of Hosting
Regular Cheap Hosting
The OLI Experience
Under $10/month
Daily Backups
Triple-Firewall Protection
No (a hacker’s paradise)
Expert Pro-Active Support
If you’re lucky.
Lightning-fast Page Loads
Bullet-proof Anti-spam, Anti-virus
Secure Access (FTPS, SSL, SFTP)
No way.
100% Uptime Guarantee
In Business since 1996
Heck no!
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Website Hosting
  • WordPress Site Builder
  • Create a Blog or Website
  • Email @Your-Domain
  • 1 GB Space for Site & Email
  • Free Backups of Everything
  • Flat Monthly Rate: $9.95
  • Site + Forum + Chat
  • WordPress + Email + cPanel
  • + Forum and Chat with SSL
  • A Giant 5 GB Block of Space
  • A Secure Online Community
  • Daily Backups of Your Work
  • Flat Monthly Rate: $29.95
  • domain-free

    Get a Free Domain (example.com) with Web Hosting including WordPress Hosting


    Managed Hosting from Experts

    Get a Dedicated Consultant supporting your WordPress Site

    WordPress Security & Maintenance Plan

    We keep your WP install updated and secure!

    Branded Email You@Your-Domain

    Virus-protected spam-filtered and lightning fast!

    Web Design and Customization

    We keep help make that Theme perfect for your brand

    Expert Support, Low rates & FREE Domain!
    Ready for Mobile:
    Access Email, cPanel and more!

    Works with iPhone, Android, iPad and all Tablets!

    © Apple – All rights Reserved

    Simplify and Save!
    We Believe the Online World
    Should Simplify Life, not complicate it.

    Unify old Accounts, Add a New One, Refer Friends!

    (simply list your existing account in the comments box of any order form!)


    What’s New at OLI

    As always there is a lot happening at OLI to bring you the best services and features. It’s becoming a WordPress world, with not only our WordPress for Business plan but also the unveiling of our WordPress Customization Service.

    Our biggest plan ever – up to a Terrabyte – is our Secure FTP Server with Linux Plan which gives you OLI Experience combined with a dedicated server.

    Web Hosting with Email Hosting can now be added on to Chat and Forum, including the new Professional Chat.

    OLI’s Image Hosting has joined our FTP Hosting service. We have a new Forum Creation Service. Moderated Chat has recently been updated.

    Also see the OLI Hosting Blog, an example of our WordPress Blog Hosting service.

    Inside OLI