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Standard Terms and Privacy Policy
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This Usage Agreement describes the terms of use by customers and users (“Clients”) of services offered by Online Institute LLC (the “Host” or “We” or “OLI”). Client agrees to abide by this Usage Agreement in order to use the Host’s services:

No Risk Orders = Our Refund Guarantee
OLI’s primary mission has always been customer satisfaction, that’s why we offer a full refund on any service within the first 30 days ordered, no questions asked 🙂

Standard Disclaimer of Warranties – Host’s services are provided on an “as is, as available” basis. We disclaim any warranties, expressed or implied with respect to the service including (but not limited to) implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose or which otherwise arise from trade usage or course of dealing. In no event shall Host be liable to Client for any damages resulting from or related to any failure or delay of Host to provide service under this Usage Agreement. Host does not claim Client will always receive uninterrupted service. Any failure or delay shall not constitute a default under this agreement. As with any remote server, Client is advised to keep a full and current copy of their email, website, database and all other files on their own local hard drive. Host is not responsible for Client’s files residing on Host’s servers. Client agrees to indemnify the Host from and against any and all claims, losses, liabilities and expenses related to or arising out of the services under this Usage Agreement. The 100% Uptime Guarantee means that for any time Client’s service is down and reported to Host, Host will credit Client’s account for 10 times (1000 percent) the actual downtime experienced.
Host prohibits sending any unsolicited commercial email (known as “spam”), material which violates or infringes any copyright or other proprietary rights of others, material that is libelous or slanderous, hard-core pornography, sending bulk email from the shared servers, running gaming systems on the shared servers, sending any unsolicited commercial email (known as “spam”) or any other material or action inconsistent with applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations.
Resale – If Client acts as a “reseller” of the services provided by Host, then all the terms of this Usage Agreement shall provide to the resale.
Internet Content – Client is responsible for their own Internet content including all files and data and agrees to use the services offered by Host in a manner consistent with all applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations.
Servers – Host uses high-capacity servers to deliver fast load times and help ensure reliable connectivity to users. Host provides service for many high traffic websites and services, but in the rare event that a Client’s usage presents a burden to the shared servers, such as but not limited to excess spam, storage or CPU intensive applications, Host will work with client to discuss options and alternatives. Like many providers, OLI helps protect client access and data with scripts that block IP numbers of computers attempting to scan all our ports, guess client logins, flood customer accounts with spam, and other activity that appears malicious. We only unblock IPs by customer request. For example, sometimes a customer’s computer gets infected with a virus which causes their computer to launch an attack. After the customer removes the virus we can allow access again. IP netblocks of compromised networks are blocked if the problem is persistent or causing disruption to our customers’ access. Default limits for services are 1000 MB storage and 25,000 MB bandwdith, which is more than enough for almost all sites we host. Such steps prevent countless server crashes and other inconveniences to customers. Any services that come with “unlimited” offerings implies that no arbitrary limit is being set on that offering, however this does not mean that such offerings can be exploited to the point where they create a burden on the shared server. Host will deem what is defined as a burden to the server based on varying factors. Host is unable to service an account that brings an excessive load to the server as this would interrupt service for other users in the shared server environment. Instances of over-usage are extemely rare due to the high-grade capacity of the servers.
Termination of Service – Client may cancel at anytime. There are a couple ways to cancel including using the contact link on Host’s homepage or contacting Host via phone.
Services – Accounts renew unless Client requests to cancel or Host cancels account. Renewal rates are the regular monthly rates listed on the service page (yearly and monthly discounts and any promotions such as coupon codes apply only to the duration of the base-rate of the initial order coverage, discounts do not apply to add-ons, upgrades to the base-rate and/or setup fees). Just as Host reserves the right to accept or reject any order, Host or Client is free to terminate this Agreement by ending service from Host for any reason at any time deemed necessary by Host or Client. If there were any charges made and an order is cancelled, Host will issue a refund to Client if Client requests it within the first 30 days of ordering, except for setup fees, if the service was installed. Unused hosting time that was prepaid may be used as credits for other Host services. If a Client’s billing information has expired and Client did not cancel their account, Host may adjust the expiration date to keep account in good standing and help prevent interruption of service or termination of account. Special offers for new account sign-ups are valid only for the duration of the offer, after that the account reverts to the regular list price. Additional discounts may be available by request to the Host, as Host is flexible and can work within Client’s budget.
Locale – Online Institute LLC serves a worldwide clientele. Host servers are owned and managed by Liquidweb.com. This Usage Agreement is governed by the laws of Berrien County, Michigan and the United States of America.
Server Monitoring and Support – The servers are monitored 24/7 by technicians at the Liquidweb datacenter and any server issues are found and resolved by their monitoring team. In addition, Online Institute’s regular support team responds to customer questions primarily during regular daytime business hours from Monday through Friday on non-holidays (Eastern U.S. time) usually in the order received and as time permits. Best way to contact Host for support is the contact link on homepage, to ensure it bypasses any spam filters and reaches Host’s Support Team promptly. Online Institute’s primary goal is customer satisfaction and so an extensive help guide (linked from the homepage) was also developed to answer most common hosting questions.
Domain Registrations – Host began reselling domain registration services in Oct., 2012 through ICAAN-accredited NetEarthOne.com. Domain registrations and domain services (such as Domain ID Protection etc.) purchased by clients through Host are not only bound by this Usage Agreement, but also by the Registrar-Registrant Agreement of NetEarthOne.com as they are the controlling domain authority. If in doubt about who registered your domain, we provide domain registration lookup info here. Free domain registration offers are only valid when ordered or renewed with a hosting service that specifically states it comes with a free domain name. If the hosting service is canceled, or if the free domain is only offered for the first year of hosting, then the client must renew the domain name through the Host at the regular rate to keep the domain.

Privacy Policy: Online Institute LLC takes pride in protecting your privacy and does not sell your personal information to any outside company. We hate spam as much (or more) than you do. OLI uses cPanel built-in stats programs to track website traffic as well as Google Analytics to keep track of sales from OLI’s Google Adwords Campaign and participate in Google’s remarketing program which where third-party vendors, including Google, show OLI’s ads on sites across the Web to previous visitors of OLI’s site. Google uses cookies to track visitor data to OLI and serve ads. Visitors can opt out of Google’s use of cookies using the Ads Preferences Manager and opt out of a third-party vendor’s use of cookies by visiting the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page.

Modifications to Usage Agreement and Privacy Policy – As times change and new technologies evolve, Host reserves the right to edit and add to this Usage Agreement at anytime deemed fit by the Host. Therefore Client is advised to check back periodically to view this Usage Agreement to stay current with the terms of service.

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