Moderated Chat

This Chat is Under Development and not for sale currently.

Host a Chat for an Audience
Moderated Chat lets you pre-screen chat messages before they are posted, with the ability to post pictures and more.

Approve (or screen) chat messages before they appear for everyone in the chatroom. Simply login with your special Chat Moderator login, and you can see all messages that people submit, and can click the “Post” button next to display the message to all in the chatroom.

It’s easy to host a Guest Speaker who can interact and answer questions from an online audience. Simply register a username and password for the Guest Speaker and they will be able to post messages live (without needing approval) in the chatroom. And of course they will only see messages that you the Moderator approve.

Our Moderated Chat Software allows for multiple Moderators (the login can be shared) and Guest Speakers (each with their own login). It also allows the Guest Speaker to upload their own picture for the chat session.

Of course, all OLI Chat Software gives you the ability to view and save the entire chat session transcript — so you can post it on a website, within an email or save it as an archive.