Business-class FTP Hosting Solutions

Secure FTP

Every FTP account includes secure encrypted access to your folders via FTPS, and SFTP is also accessible through your admin account.

Web-FTP Built-in

Access your FTP folders from any Web Browser securely with Web-FTP. Users can upload/download without having to learn FTP client software.

Protect Your Data

Your data stays safe, backed up daily, and served lightning-fast worldwide from a premium-bandwidth Tier 1 Datacenter.

cPanel Magic

FTP Admin is a breeze with web-based cPanel allowing you to instantly add/remove FTP users, change passwords, assign users to folders and much more.

Unlimited FTP Users

It’s easy to add new FTP Accounts for your clients, and there’s no limit so you’re free to grow without unexpected fees.

Domain Options

You get a free sub-domain for your FTP site, or your FTP service can run on your company’s domain to maintain branding to your clients.

Start the Ball Rolling

Company Branding

We can set up a white-label Web-FTP login at your own company domain name so clients can login securely from your corporate domain.

Free Demo

If you’d like to give our FTP service a whirl to see how easy and fast it is to connect, just let us know and we’ll setup a test login.

Get a Quote

Our FTP Hosting service is very flexible. OLI Consultants can help customize a package that accomplishes your specific goals. Contact OLI