FTP anonymous file sharing

Anonymous ftp (public FTP folder)

Anonymous FTP is a way to allow access to a shared FTP folder without giving out any account passwords.

The Anonymous FTP folder is called public_ftp in your home directory.

Access it with username: anonymous@your-ftp-domain
password: anything

To access via a web browser, use:
username: anonymous@your-name.oli.us
password: anything

If you want to accept uploads to the incoming directory, login to CPanel and click “Anonymous FTP” in the Files section, and click the box to “Allow anonymous uploads.”

If you don’t want anonymous FTP enabled on your domain, login to CPanel and unclick the box that says “Allow anonymous access” and save settings.

NOTE: Users will be able to upload files, but they will not be able to see the files that they have uploaded.

To view and download files in the incoming directory: you need to login using your main FTP login info (not the anonymous login). The FTP login to use is the same as your Control Panel login. Then you can navigate the ftp/anonftp/incoming directory to retrieve the files.

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