Virus Prevention on OLI’s cPanel Server

Virus Protection and Prevention

Online Institute uses Clam AntiVirus to screen and remove viruses from incoming e-mail to our servers.

Virus Prevention:
There are many ways viruses can infect your computer, below are links to the best sites we have found to prevent and remove viruses.

One common way viruses infect computers is through email attachments. Never open any email attachments unless you are 100 percent sure of what they are. Even if the sender appears to be someone you know, new viruses can fake the sender’s address to look like someone you know sent the email. Be sure to email the sender back and ask them to confirm what the attachment is before you open it.

Another common way that viruses infect computers is when people download content from websites that aren’t fully credible. The biggest perpetrators are the illegal music download sites.

Many viruses are related to security issues within the Windows operating systems, here is the link to Microsoft’s virus protection site:

Microsoft Virus Info Center. For Macintosh and Apple device users, more details on security are here.

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